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Mater Interview

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Was a pleasure recently to sit down and chat with the Mater Foundation, and answer some questions about my role with them.

Tell us about Styling Homes For A Good Cause

It’s one thing to find a job you love, but it’s even more rewarding when you find one that gives back to such a worthy cause like Mater Foundation.

Interior design is my passion and I feel so blessed that I can do what I love while helping bring so much joy to others. Working with Mater, not only do I get to help people win the homes of their dreams, but proceeds from ticket sales go towards funding vital medical research for important health issues across Mater Research, Health and Education.

How did you begin working with Mater Foundation?

My relationship with Mater dates back to 2014 when I was lucky enough to work on my first Mater Prize Home while working for another company. Then, when I started my own business in 2017, I joined forces with Mater Foundation again, who gave me my first ‘solo’ job at Banksia Beach. Since then I have furnished 18 Homes to date.

What does design process & job involve?

No two days working on the Mater Prize Homes are the same and I love the creative freedom I get when it comes to transforming these prize homes from blank canvases into warm and inviting family homes.

The first step in my design process is usually a site visit to the prize home. From there I get a feel for the property and its characteristics and design. I then begin my proposal for the furnishings that I think will best match the lifestyle of the home - be it waterfront, by the beach, in the hinterlands, etc. This normally takes around seven to 10 days to finalise. I present that and once it has all been approved, I order everything I need. The process for styling a home from start to finish usually takes six to eight weeks.

Besides decorating the interior, lately I have also recently been involved with helping choose the colour palettes for each home, along with the fixtures and fittings. They may seem like minor decisions, but they all play their part in giving the home its identity.

I also do the photography and video styling, including providing food and lifestyle props on the shoot days. It’s never a dull day in the ‘office’!

Where do you find your inspiration?

When it comes to choosing the look and feel I want to create inside each Mater Prize Home, the location is usually the source of most of my inspiration. The prize homes are located in some of the most beautiful settings in Queensland: A recent 4 bedroom home in Coomera Quays had its own pontoon and an incredible alfresco dining area overlooking the water. I wanted the interior to take advantage of the natural light and coastal setting with light wood furnishings, calming tones, plenty of greenery and modern yet comfy seating that makes you feel at home.

I am always keeping up to date with my supplier’s latest lines of furniture and decor, as well as attending as many Design Shows as I can in Melbourne and Sydney (which has been quite difficult this year!).

As with most designers, I see and find inspiration in all places – from online content, social media and being out and about too.

The most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing my ideas come together in the spaces and turning each house into a home is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. That said, it’s hard to top the gratification that comes from contributing to such a good cause.

Working with Mater brings great satisfaction as I know I am part of the process which raises money to help so many people through their ground-breaking research and the patient care that Mater Foundation carries out. I’ve been fortunate to attend the Mater Christmas Breakfasts which really highlight the wonderful work they do – as well as meeting people that have had their lives changed as a result of Mater’s help.

*Thanks Mater for your continued support of BRD. I look forward to working on many more properties in 2021 and beyond.

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